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La Docta (Cordoba the antique)

Plaza San Martin, Córdoba, Córdoba Province, Argentina
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2 hours

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Specific Tour

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25 people


English, Espanol

A walk around the historical part of the second biggest city of Argentina. Plenty of the best food, drinks, music, stories and even more, in every corner of the whole historical center.



*Tour start time is flexible! I’m available from 3 pm- 8 pm for walking tours. Please let me know your preferred start time.


  • History, culture, gastronomy, music, local celebrations and recommendations for events and discos.

San Martin Square (Plaza San Martín)

The meeting point, by the statue in the heart of the park. There we start and we teach about the history of the city


A visit to one of the most important buildings of the city. Even we come into the place to show everything about the details of a typical Spanish colony city.


An explanation in front one of the most popular postcards of the city about its original usage and the current one.

Pedestrian Areas

Walking around the city center, we show the traditional symbols of the country. Including local traditions, stories and legends.

Jesuitic Cript.

A museum under the floor that was originally part of the Jesuitic churches around Cordoba, was discovered by chance during the '80s.

La Mundial (The narrowest building of Latin America)

A hilarious argument was the reason because this place has been built in the city center.

Jesuitic Square.

Part of the heart of the historical center in the city.
A place plenty of stories, many different tales, and a delightful view.
-The church "La compañía de Jesús".
-The first university of Argentina.
-Monserrat school.

Patio Olmos (Shopping mall)

One of the most popular shopping malls all over the city.
Where, by that place, we have a short lesson of the most popular dance in all the local parties.

  • -History of the foundation of the city.
  • -Visiting the historical buildings (Cathedral and Cabildo).
  • -Learning about the local food, the drink and the most particular features in local traditions.
  • -Jesuitic cript (A building that had been 60 years hidden until the '80s, when it was discovered by chance).
  • -The narrowest building of Latin America.
  • -The first house of the city.
  • -Jesuitic Square.
  • -Patio Olmos.
  • -Local dance lesson.

0 - 3 hours


Tour's Location

Plaza San Martin, Córdoba, Córdoba Province, Argentina

If it rains is the tour cancelled?
Only if it is a very strong storm or there is hailstone, we can pospone it...
Otherwise, we can wait under the roof of the different coffee shops in the area up to the weather gets better.
What shall I bring?
Comfortable shoes, of course.
Some water, or your favourite drink.
And, if you want, some snacks.
How long is the tour?
2 hours. However, we stop in many places, to take a sit and get some extra water or snacks.


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